Simple Beauty

Sometimes the most beautiful images are the ones without a lot of extra elements. This week I was traveling to and from the east coast for a meeting and used the time on the plane to edit a shoot. I have a new program that lets me edit faster and easier, (and by edit I mean make selections, not retouch.) The program is called Mylio and I love it because it gives me my time back. Before Mylio I would download my images on my main computer and have to sit there and do edits as time flew by. Now, with Mylio I can edit anywhere because my images go to all my devices from just uploading once to my main computer. It's the most amazing program I've ever seen.

I pulled out my ipad and started to make selections faster than I've ever made before. By the time I arrived in Washington, DC from Los Angeles, I'd made new selections from several shoots. Now I can update my website with fresh new images and make better use of my time on airplanes.

This image was made using two Profoto strobes, art paper from a local art store and my Sony a99 camera with the 85mm and 100 macro lens. Image selection was done on the plane using Mylio, which by the way puts the fun back into editing.

Retouched Final_DSC6322.jpg