Teaching the Art of Lighting

This week I was in Seattle, Washington to give a lighting seminar at Glazers camera store. The event was sponsored by my friends at Profoto. It was a packed house and I was excited to speak about my lighting techniques and share stories from different shoots. 

After speaking I shot a beautiful model in front of the audience in the same manner I shoot many of my assignments. I shot using the Sony A7 camera with the 85mm lens, which in my estimation, is the perfect portrait lens.  I used Capture One Pro tethered with my Sony camera so the audience could see each image as I shot. For lighting, I used a Profoto beauty dish and Pro 8 strobe pack to capture each moment the instant it happened. Speed is extremely important to me when I'm shooting because special moments only happen a few times during a photo shoot.  I want to make sure I capture those moments and the Profoto Pro 8 packs are super fast.

To learn more about my lighting techniques log in to Photography Help Store. There you will find my video's that are aimed to educate photographers on the art of lighting, shooting fashion and beauty and much more. You can also sign up for my one-on-one photography classes to take your photo career to the next level. The one-on-one classes take place once a week via Skype and will improve your photography and help boost your bottom line. 


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