Back to the...

Today, it seems like I am reliving the past as I wake up in New York City. It is Photo Expo week and NewYork is alive as busy as ever. The familiar sounds of sirens are all around me day and night and riding the subway here make me feel like I never left. 

I found myself comparing the subways in New York to the Subways in Tokyo last night. Both are always packed, but the glaring difference is that in New York you can always hear people talking to each other and making connections.

As I rode the subway last night I saw a woman with my old Lowepro roller bag and knew she must be a photographer. I told her I used to have the same case but just upgraded to the new Echelon line and we fell into a conversation about camera bags. 

One of the things I love about New York and Tokyo  is how people interact with each other. You find this in most big cities, but you don't have this in Los Angeles. My time in L.A. is coming to a close. I feel so inspired whenever walking around in a big city and yearning to have that every day again.

Time to walk the city!