An easy way to make time-lapse movies

I used to go through a lot to create time lapse movies. I had to use an intervalometer, download the images into QuickTime 7 and play with my settings to get just the look I wanted. Since I made the switch to Nikon it is now super simple and my 810 camera does all the work for me.

Today after a morning meeting with a potential client I took the time to go to one of the busiest subway stations in Tokyo and create a series of time lapse videos.


I have always believed the best  time lapse videos are achieved with a bit of blur to show motion. To show motion  I set my camera to shoot at the slowest shutter speed possible which was 1/ 25th of a second under my lighting conditions.  I set my ISO to 64, and set my aperture to F 16 which gave me a shutter speed of 1/25. This also gave me a lot of depth of field which was just what I wanted. Here are a few examples of the results.

Making these time-lapse videos was simple. Using my Nikon 810 camera, I turned on the time-lapse feature in my camera, set the time between images and the amount of time I wanted to record the scene. I shot one image per second for six to eight min to create these videos. Once the camera is set you only need to press start and the camera shoots the images and creates the video right away to view on the spot.

Always dream big!