Should you use a tripod?

A few weeks ago I was shooting in Japan and using a tripod to support my Nikon D810 when two young guys walked up to me speaking English.  I learned they were visiting Japan for the first time and just happened to be from Los Angeles. They asked me why I was using a tripod and I told them I had an idea that needed a tripod to make my idea come to life. They both had iPhones and asked if my images were better from a camera and I explained that the images from their phones looked great on a phone but were limited outside being seen on a phone or on the web. They asked if I was a professional photographer and I handed them my American business card before saying goodby and wishing them a great time durng the rest of their stay in Japan.

This weekend in Los Angeles I went to a bonfire and brought my tripod along. I thought it would be a beautiful sunset and wanted to photograph the bonfire with the afterglow of sunset in the background. While I was shooting my friends wondered what I was doing but once I placed a few of the images on Facebook then started contacting me and saying how much they loved the images. They were all using smartphones to take pictures but didn't understand the concept of how light works. No matter how technology advances in the future we will always have an upper hand if you understand how light works and use that knowledge to your advantage.

All images were photographed with a Nikon D810 with a 35mm 1.4 lens on a Gitzo tripod

If you're looking for a great tripod try to Gitzo tripod out.  I've had min for more than 25 years and it will last several life-times. 

So to answer the question of "should you use a tripod?" Well, it really depends on the images you are creating but having a good dependable tripod is a plus for sure. You don't want to get a cheap tripod to put your expensive camera on. I made this mistake as a kid and once you have a tripod break on you or fall over you'll understand the downfall of cheap tripods. A good tripod is well worth the money.

Link: Gitzo tripod

Have a great week and always dream big!