The Long Road to Completion

Starting a project is easy. The hard part is going through the ups and downs, taking 

it to completion.

I once had a friend who started something new every six to eight 

months, but never finished.  She always started out with the best intentions, but as 

soon as things got hard, she’d give up and try something else. 

I think that happens a lot, because I’ve seen it over and over throughout my life. I 

too, have struggled with sticking with projects when they get hard, but I’ve learned 

that the trials are part of the journey.  Now, I welcome them with open arms. It’s the 

universe testing us to see how badly we want something.

Three years ago I started a journey that would take me through more ups and 

downs than anything I’ve done in my life. I had an idea that was born in 2007, but I 

stopped when it became hard. I picked it up again in 2012 and said this time I was 

going to finish it, no matter what. I felt it was my duty, my obligation in fact, to bring 

this project to life. 

The project would require me to travel to every state in America and photograph 

children from 100 families. It was a humungous project to take on, but I saw it 

clearly in my head. 

Today, President’s Day, is the launch day of this project. I am happy to say it is 

complete and now available online and in Barnes and Noble stores all across 


Welcome to Future American President: 50 States-100 Families – Infinite Dreams.