Exhausted Battery

Have you ever tried to get more power out of an exhausted battery? Doesn’t really work out that well, does it?

Last year, I was that exhausted battery and trying to work harder to be more productive. Every part of my life was draining me. In fact, it seemed like everything went wrong at the same time, from my personal life to business, there were no exceptions. I needed to just unplug and recharge my battery.

At the end of the year I went to Japan to visit an old friend of 16 years. Then went on to Thailand and Hawaii. What I discovered was nothing helps like putting yourself into the middle of a fresh perspective. When I returned from my travels I felt alive again, and more creative and inspired to do my best work and have my very best life. Now I’m creating new and exciting images again and the calls are starting to come in as well.

From the Tyra Banks Cosmetic Line Shoot. Photograph by Matthew Jordan Smith

From the Tyra Banks Cosmetic Line Shoot. Photograph by Matthew Jordan Smith


This May there’s an opportunity to recharge your battery and learn how to become a better photographer in my Fstoppers Photo Workshop in the Bahamas. I’ll be teaching two workshops on Fashion Photography: one in studio and the other on location in and around the beautiful island of the Bahamas. Both will help you in countless ways. I’m bringing one of my favorite models down along with great hair and makeup support.  I’ll be sharing much of what you need to learn in order to shoot incredible images to become a great fashion photographer. Join me at the Atlantic Resort in the beautiful island of the Bahamas and learn to make great images while getting away to recharge your soul. 



What You’ll Learn

How to work with strobe lights in studio and on location.

How to plan, produce and photograph a fashion story.

How to direct a model for creating a fashion story.

How to direct a crew to get the best images you’ve ever imagined.

You’ll get to shoot and leave with powerful images.

You’ll learn a lot of the tricks of the trade, not only shooting a fashion story, but how to put the images together to have a powerful body of work. (This is more important than you could ever imagine.)

You’ll learn one of the most powerful tools to shooting and landing big commercial assignments as a fashion photographer.  

You'll have fun working with a great team of talented people in a beautiful location.


Workshop 1: Studio Fashion Photography 

You Must Rush.jpg

Looking forward to seeing you in the Bahamas!