Talking Behind Her Back

Every day many of us witness powerful moments during the course of our day that give us a moment of pause. As photographers we must be cognizant of these moments and visualize how we compose them for the world to see. Sometimes that means cropping out elements that take away, or diminish, the power of our images.

In the image below, taken in Tokyo of  three woman on the subway, I used a Nikon Nikkor 24mm 1.4 lens. The wide angle lens showed a lot more of the surroundings, but in editing I choose to crop in on the image and highlight the interaction between two of the women but focus on the "hero" of the shot, the woman in the middle.

Every powerful image has a "hero" element, that special something that pulls the viewer into your photograph. If your image can make people stop, even for a moment, then your photograph works.


Find your hero!


Always dream big!