The trend of the moment is the selfie, with more images being taken now than at any other time in our history.


Tuesday night I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated their win over the Atlanta Hawks and advance to the NBA Finals. I smiled as I watched LeBron James taking selfie’s after the game with his wife and kids and wondered what impact that picture would have on his kids years from now.


Photography is a very powerful tool, capable of creating change in many ways; But what if a child’s picture could be used to shape their view of themselves and create a future filled with possibilities beyond our wildest dreams?


Very soon we will give families the ability to do just that - change the way their children see themselves. Imagine a child growing up seeing their picture on the cover of an inspirational book. Imagine that book being filled with stories from your child's peers with an introduction by Disney's KC Undercover star, Zendaya. To make it better still, imagine that book teaching your child about America, past presidents, and iconic figures from your own state. The book is Future American President and we will announce how you can order a special edition version of the book, featuring your child on the cover shortly.

Disney's Shake It Up  and KC Undercover star, Zendaya

Disney's Shake It Up  and KC Undercover star, Zendaya


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