Throwback Thursday_Photographing Iman

In my early days in New York City, there was one model who reigned supreme before the "super models" came on the scene, and her name was IMAN!

My first time working with Iman was exciting because she radiated an energy like no one I'd ever met, and she still does to this day. Iman has always carried herself like royalty, and in many ways she is, especially in the fashion world. Before Naomi and Tyra, there was Iman.

Over the years, I worked with Iman several times and had the opportunity to collaborate with her on her cosmetic line.. Sometimes we'd speak on the phone and the way the conversation started was always memorable. The phone would ring and as I answered it, she would simply say, "Iman"!

Early in my career I loved using elements in front of my camera lens to distort the image in some way. Whenever I see this effect today I can't help but smile because it take me back to my early days as a photographer. To do this well it's better having the camera on a tripod, which is not my favorite way to shoot these days, but the images are arresting. Today more than ever photographers need to have an individual identiy to stand out, but the secret is to really just do what you enjoy the most and only show that work. The work you enjoy doing the most is your true photographic identity.


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