Health First

A good friend always tells me, "health first, then family, and then money." While I was on the road for Future American President I wasn't putting my health first at all. I put on a lot of weight, and kept pushing hard for work. Traveling in a car and driving from state to state and eating all the delicious food found in America just isn't a good combination for a healthy lifestyle.

The last year of travel for the Future American President project started off in New Orleans, and my diet went downhill from that point on. I thought all the walking and moving around with heavy gear would be enough to keep me from gaining any weight, but I was wrong.

My first assignment after completing the travel portion of the book, was a job for a health and fitness program. On the photo shoot I met the nutritionist and trainer who trains professional bodybuilders for competition. I learned that when it comes to getting in shapre, the diet is the most important part, not just the time in the gym. From that point on, I've been on a quest to get  in shape and make eating healthy and working out a daily part of my life. The funny thing is now I eat more food than I've ever had in my life and I train hard. My trainer likes to say, "we don't diet and exercise, we eat and train."

Having life goals is wonderful and learning to become a better photographer is great as well, but you only have one body so treat it right and join me on the quest to get in shape and live life to the fullest.


Always Dream Big