How do you master the art of photography?

I can't really explain how incredible it feels, but there is nothing quite like it when you see a student start to grow right in front of your eyes and begin the process of mastering the art of photography.

Last week was a ground-breaking week for all of my students and I'm excited to see how they will perform in this week's class. Almost all of them have emailed me with questions and I love to see them start to come alive and grow. I never knew it before, but I love teaching others the art of photography.


I am currently in my fourth week of teaching an online photography class, and all of my students are really starting to take off. The class was only offered for five days initially, and there has been a lot of interest since registration ended, but I won't be able to teach the class in this manner again for a while.

Because of the interest and email from those who missed signing up for the Master Your Lens Course I have decided to offer the class digitally starting today. The class is a six-week course devoted to helping students master the art of photography. A different lesson is taught each week and there are assignments that must be completed. Offering the class digitally will give people the chance to tackle the assignments at their own pace and without the pressure of making sure they are free for  the class based on my schedule.

The first lesson is the foundation for the entire class, and it is a very intense lesson to start the course, but it is necessary. Each student is required to keep a journal so they can see their growth week by week. The course is a step by step approach and I'm their every step of the way to guide my students through the process.

If you'd like to begin the journey with me, downloads of the first lesson are available starting today and closes at midnight on August 31st, 2015 at midnight PST. Each lesson is priced at $197.00 per lesson but, you are under no obligation to continue if you feel the entire class is not right for you. However, I believe after the first class you will want to continue as this class is like no other photography class that I have ever seen, but don't take my word for it. Try out the first class today by downloading lesson one, of the Master Your Lens Course.

Benefits include: anytime email access to me to guide you along your journey and a monthly Google hangout for Q&A with all the students taking the course.

Master Your Lens Course: Lesson One - ENROLL TODAY


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