Introducing Aretha To Periscope

Last night, I went to my first Periscope meet up. The location was in downtown LA at LA LIVE, which is where all the concerts and Laker basketball games are held. When I arrived I was surprised to see my Aretha Franklin image all over the billboard marquee. 

The Periscope meet-up was right in front of the billboard and I laughed to myself at the sight of seeing the image constantly above everyone. It was also great to see all the long lines as people lined up to enter the concert hall. 

Today, I will give Aretha a call and see if I can see her before she leaves town. I'll also see if I can introduce her to Periscope. She loves new technology and I am sure she'd get a kick out of Periscope. 

Follow me at Matthew_JordanS. to see my broadcasts. I learned a lot last night and I will start using this amazing application much more.


Always dream big!

FREE Video On Photographic Lighting

In a few weeks, my new podcast will launch dedicated to inspiring the nation to dream big. To celebrate, I am giving away a FREE video to help inspire photographers. The FREE video is filled with powerful information that will help you become a better photographer while sharing information about photographic lighting.

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Always drream big!

Pen To Paper

I am a big believer in writing things down. I know we are in the age of the app, but writing things down on paper still work best for me. 

I recently found a company that creates unique flash drives. As I looked through their, catalog I spotted an assortment of 8 gig flash drives made into executive pens. What sealed the deal for me was the ability to add my logo to the pen. Right away I knew I had to have them.

My idea is to use the pens as a marketing piece, making it easier for clients and potential clients to think of me. I could load a pdf of my work on the drive and send a potential client a nice note along with my logo pen. 

It's harder today to stand out in the crowd, but helping clients do something they are already doing will certainly help you stand you from the rest.

Always Dream Big