After Thanksgiving Photo Sales

Black Friday Photography Deals

 If you live in America, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday, but even if you don't you can still take advantage of the great photo deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

One of my favorite programs, Perfectly Clear is on sale at a great price. If you're not familiar with Perfectly Clear, it's an amazing plug-in that works with Lightroom and Photoshop to save you time with retouching. 

Imagine doing a photo shoot where you shot 1000 images. With Perfectly Clear, you can retouch just one of those pictures in about 5 minutes or less, then apply that retouching to the other 999 images quickly and easily. That's the beauty of Perfectly Clear and over the next few days, you can get it for an insane price.  Click here for the Perfectly Clear deal.


Are you thinking of going to Vegas next February for the 2017 WPPI photo convention? You can get 15% off any WPPI Master Class if you register by Friday night.  Click here to register.


Lastly, today we kick off a FREE 3-Part Photography Training Series starting with VIDEO #1. Over the next week, we will release 3 FREE training videos to help you enhance your photography and start 2017 off right.


Always dream big,