Bill King Fashion

Wild and Crazy

In the 80's there was a photographer named Bill King, who was famous for high energy fashion images. I loved his work because it seemed like everyone was having a great time. I envisioned a studio set with loud music and a party atmosphere, but then, I learned from people who worked with him that it was quite the opposite. I think about Bill King whenever I'm trying to direct a model when playing music isn't an option.


Music has a way of relaxing people so they can express themselves in photographs, but it's not always necessary. There will be times when it's not possible to have music around. An example of this is working on sets where a TV crew is shooting, like on America's Next Top Model, or if you're shooting on location. It may look wild and crazy in the images, but that's just an illusion.

Having a connection with your subject is essential to create great images and the more you shoot the better you'll become at establishing a bond with your subjects. Sometimes I'm using music, other times it's simply the conversation, but I'm always working on relaxing my subject so the images show the true essence of the subject. The key is to have fun while you shoot and enjoy your life as a photographer. If you do this on every shoot your subjects will feel it and respond based on your energy. 

Always Dream Big