Boy and Girls Clubs of America

Not In Kansas Anymore!

The day I arrived in  Topeka, Kansas it was extremely hot and the threat of a tornado was in the air. Before I arrived, the local Boys and GIrls Clubs of American had set up a child for me as my subject to photograph for Kansas.

The local club selected a little boy to represent Kansas, and I had the chance to met his mother and his sister. The mother had to leave for work, but the sister acted as his cheerleader during the interview and photo shoot.

Finding a location to take the photographs was difficult. I couldn't take the children away from the club, so I had to search for a location on  the grounds. The surrounding areas didn't offer much in terms of a great background, but I liked the statements painted on the buses outside. I decide the driveway would make the best location for the shoot, even though the temperture was almost 100 degrees.

As I started photographing my subject, I was impressed with his sister. She was only a year older but was clearly in charge and kept telling her brother to stand up straight and to smile. Then I overheard her saying her brother always gets selected for everything and thought, well maybe it is time to change that. I decided to ask her to join in the photo shoot and her smile exploded across her face. 

As I left the Boys and Girls Club of America I was happy I made the decision to include the sister with her brother. Her confidence and energy is exceptional and I know she will grow up to accomplish great things in her life. The great thing about photography is that it has the power to change a person life and how they see themselves. I know the simple act of having the sister included in Future American President will have a strong impact on her life. 

In less than two months, we will give every parent in America the ability to empower their children by offering special edition versions of Future American President. With the special edition, you will be able to send a picture and make a book featuring your child on the cover.

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