Cannon Beach

Goonies Found In Oregon

Driving through Oregon is an experience I will cherish forever. When I arrived in Cannon Beach, Oregon, the town where the Goonies movie was shot, I understood right away why they choose this location for the movie. It is an incredibly beautiful American town and Haystack Rock is an awe-inspiring view.

At Cannon Beach, I met a family with two beautiful young daughters and after a short conversation getting to know a little bit about them I prepared to photograph and interview the daughters for Future American President. I was still on a high from the day before in Oregon photographing the daughter of a woman I met while asking for directions.


My subjects today were two daughters that were full of life and truly enjoyed the process of being photographed. The older daughter was very excited, especially after learning that Disney star, Zendaya is included in the book. The younger daughter looked up to her older sister and it was wonderful to see how powerful their connecting was to each other.


After the photo session each daughter wrote what they would do as president and I photographed each as they wrote their statements for the book. Afterwards I photographed the entire family together and they invited me to have lunch with them. As we ate together I learned more about the children and I was happy to be able to include them in Future American President.

As I left Oregon, I thought back to the wonderful new friends I have met on this leg of the journey and hoped the images and material in this book will be able to inspire and empower children in Oregon and in big and small towns all over America.

Always Dream Big