Diane Veerland

Pennsylvania - Farmers Feed America

Diana Vreeland said it best; "Give them what they never knew they wanted." This was the idea behind creating Future American President. To give children across the country from every state, the chance, the possibility, to dream bigger than they may have thought possible.

In Pennsylvania, the first family I met had two young daughters and lived on a farm. When I met the daughter's they were excited because one of their cows had just given birth. As I explained the project's concept to the parents they were excited as well.

The beautiful thing about photography is that it has the ability to change how people see themselves. So many children grow up thinking they have limited possibilities, but that's not true. The truth is that every child has the ability to do great things if we expose them to the limitless possibilities the world has to offer.


http://bit.ly/1A9prEbFor Future American President, I asked children all across the country what would they do if they were to become president of the United States fifty years in the future. They may have never thought of becoming the president, but that's not the point. The point of asking this question, and combining the question with a high-end photography session, is to plant a seed and hopefully make them think about the very real possibility that they can do anything in life, even become a future American president.


Always Dream Big