First magazine cover

My First Magazine Cover

This week I've been speaking with past assistants and interns about what it was like for them when they first started out. I wanted to hear what they thought about being in a professional studio for the first time and how it felt to deal with lighting. As I guessed, it was a very scary thing for most. 

At the start of my career I too was intimidated by photographic lighitng and I learned by working with constant light sources. The first two covers of my career were both photographed uisng constand lights and I still use them today. Even yesterday I found myself using the exact light I used to take my first career cover and I still love that light.

For the last few months I've been compiling everything I know about lighting to create something just for you. I hope to release it soon. If you'd like to know more join my mailing list. You can sign up on the right side of this blog post or sign up to receive my FREE lighitng video by going to

Happy Holidays and always dream big.