Pretty in Pink

Valentines, Pretty in Pink and "The data sheet"

One of my assistants was over a while back and I started talking about how I miss having data sheets when he said, "what's a data sheet?"

In the days before digital, we had to record everything on a data sheet. It was a way to keep track of each roll of film and all the exposure data on that job. I love the data sheet because it's much more than just the info on the job, it's a memory of everything about the job along with original polaroids from the day. 

This is the data sheet from the photo shoot with Vanessa Wiliams that became her L'Oreal image. I know call this image, Pretty in Pink, and people ask about this image all the time and how it was made. Funny, what I remember most about this day is playing pool in the studio with Vanessa during our lunch break.


Oh, by the way, if you haven't heard this week's podcast of Master Your Lens, check it out! Episode 24 is very interesting. Happy Valentines weekend.


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