Faster Than A Speeding...

I have always felt a photographer's work should be a reflection of their life, and these days I start my day in the gym. A good friend has always told me, health first, then family, then money. Without your health, you can't help your family and no amount of money will help you when your health is gone.

As I created Future American President, I packed on the pounds eating in the car and at inexpensive locations around America. Now I'm dedicated to changing my life and getting healthy one day at a time to lose the weight and improve my overall health.

I am starting to work on a series of images related to health and fitness. For the location images I am using the Profoto B1 strobes, which are just incredible for working on location. They are light and powerful and perfect for the photographer on the go. I wish I had the Profoto B1 strobes while I was creating Future American President, as they would have made my life so much easier.

These images are shot using the Nikon 810 and the Profoto Bi strobes. A great combination for creating powerful images.

Have a great 4th of July holiday weekend and be safe!


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