Tokyo subway

What's Inside The Bag?

It seems everyone is curious to know what camera gear professional photographer's use to create their images. A few weeks ago, a potential client sent an email to see if I would be interested in working with their company. The potential client had visited my website but said "can you tell me the type of camera and lighting equipment you use?" She wanted to make sure I had the "proper equipment" to take portraits.

The question made me think of a friend, who is not a photographer and had never used a camera before. He'd purchased a high-end camera along with Adobe photoshop and wanted to take pictures the next day for his company. The next week he called to say, "something must be wrong with my camera. I purchased an expensive camera and two lenses, but the pictures came out terrible." I smiled and said, the camera doesn't make a great picture, the photographer does. When you go to a restaurant, do you ask the chef what type of pots he uses to make sure the food will taste great?"

Great pictures come from trained photographers who take the time to learn how to master the tools of the trade so they can create stunning images. Each professional photographer uses the best gear possible, to create their images, but  the magic comes only when you learn how to use the gear.

So what's in my camera bag?

Nikon 810 camera

Nikon D4s

Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens

Nikkor 58mm 1.4 lens

Nikkor 35mm  1.4 lens

Nikkor 24mm 1.4 lens

3- pocket wizards remotes

Sekonic L758dr light meter

Profoto B1 strobe

Profoto air remote

X-rite Color Checker

Macbook air computer 


Macbook air presentation dongle connector

two batteries for Profoto B1 strobe

2 - mini silver/white reflectors

handheld fan

mini iPad loaded with MYLIO software

Tokyo subway map

Map of Tokyo, Japan

Air blower for lenses and camera body

Business card with English on one side and Japanese on the other

Black-out eye mask for the airplane

2 - 3 prong to 2 prong adapters

Old mini iPod (yes I still use one sometimes)

2 - 8 gig pen/memory sticks

remote LAV and receiver

Small mirror with black gaffer tape (special lighting tool)

Japanese facial paper

Collapsible travel chopsticks



Always dream big!