last day


Today is it! The 30th and final day of the Future American President Kickstarter campaign. To celebrate, we have a few things.

1) We have reduced the price of the Master Your Lens photography workshops to $1297.00 for the early bird registration, and extended the deadline until Friday, October 16th at midnight PST.

For the Kickstarter

If we hit 15k by Monday at 5:02 pm PST we will upgrade all our Future American President Kickstarter orders to include two special gifts.

2 Our original American Map poster which kids can refer to as they learn about America. The map shows the birthplace of each U.S. president, their order chronologically, and years served in office.

3) We will also include our behind-the-scenes pdf of the making of the book, which includes images from the Zendaya photo shoot, taken for the books foreword and much more.

4)If we hit 15K by 2:00 pm PST, we will REDUCE the signed Zendaya book package, which include the original poster she holds in the book and a special edition book signed by Zendaya with your child's picture on the front and back cover. We will reduce the cost from $1000 to only $100!

5) We will host a PIZZA Party for all supporters in the Los Angeles area. At the pizza, for every parent who has purchased a special edition book I will  photograph their child for free! Date to be determined.