light meter app

Have you seen the light meter app?

Today I received a question related to shooting a 10 page fashion story and having a consistent exposure in all the images. In the question the person said they were shooting outside and because the sun changed throughout the day, the exposure was inconsistent.

My answer to this question is to use a hand-held light meter, or the light meter app if you have an iphone. Surprisingly, the light meter app for iPhone is very reliable and even gives you the color temperature. We have tested the app beside my high-end meter and it has read almost the same. It does not work as a flash meter, but it is perfect for shooting pictures outside.

To have consistently beautiful images get into the habit of always using a light meter. This way your images will have a consistent exposure and your time editing will be greatly reduced. More on light meters in a future post. 

This weeks podcast will discuss using light meters in more detail and make sure to tune in for the free giveaway. A new episode of the Master Your Lens podcast is available every Wednesday morning in the itunes store.


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