photography scam


Yesterday, I was contacted via text message by a woman who said her name was "Clara Roberts." She wanted to hire me to photograph an assignment and asked in her initial text message if I accept credit cards. 

I asked her to email all the details of the assignment before speaking about my rate, because the assignment was to photograph a family reunion. Something I have never been asked to do in 28 years as a commercial photographer. Still, I have received odd requests over the years and thought it must be a private family or celebrity wanting something special.

In her email, the only details she provided was that the family reunion was in New York. When I replied that I was  based in Los Angeles she replied "the reunion is there too." Her next email asked me to do her a "favor" and  add the event planner's fee to my fee. She wanted to pay a substantial deposit right away, but all my red flags were up and I just stopped all communication.

Beware of anyone who contacts you and wants to pay you large amounts of money, via credit card, without giving you any details about themselves or the assignment. All scams work off greed for money. Don't let the idea of riches blind you from seeing the truth.  Like Al Pacino said in Heat, "if there is any doubt, there is no doubt."

Always dream big...and be careful